Insurance Fraud

Insurance scams are costly and create an inconvenience for all.  As stated in the 1998 New Mexico information Fraud Bureau Report, "Insurance fraud is one of the most costly white collar crimes in America, second only to tax evasion.  Some experts estimate the annual cost to be $120 billion dollars nationally."

Insurance fraud is a criminal offense in Missouri.  Some common types of insurance fraud, along with an example, are as follows:

Agent Fraud - This occurs when a consumer gives money to an insurance agent and receives a product that was not deisred.

Unauthorized Insurance - The sale of insurance by unlicensed companies.

Fraudulent Insurance Claims - A hospital bills a patient's insurance company for procedures not performed.  A home owner inflates a claim to cheat the insurance company.

Counterfeit Proof-of-Insurance Cards - Sold to people who don't have automotive liability insurance required by law.

A-1 Investigator's are experienced law enforcement professionals who are able to assist you in locating those that are responsible for fraudulent claims.  A-1 also has access to numerous databases that assist in tracking insurance offenders.